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Please feel free to post your queries and comments below and we will reply as soon as possible.

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  1. How do you submit a family or group/team entry?

  2. I am afraid we ask for each entry to be done separately. This is to ensure that each runner receives their own entry pack with their own number – to avoid confusion when it comes to results. If you have a big group please email and we will arrange a separate invoicing.

  3. I want to enter my 13yr old son for the 7K race. The online form calculated his entry fee as the full £15. Should it not be £9?

  4. Hi, yes it should be £9 can you please check you have the date of birth in properly. Otherwise please get back in touch.

  5. Hi

    I’m interested in running the Blehnheim race this year, and have two

    – are spectators allowed to enter Blenheim grounds for free to watch the
    Blenheim race, or do they also need to buy a ticket?

    – the website says that the race ticket allows entry to the ticket-holder
    into the palace grounds after the race. Is it possible to upgrade that
    ticket on the day for access into the palace as well?

    Thanks so much


  6. Hi Grace, have responded in twitter now. But the Palace usually lets spectators in accompanying runners – waive your race number although I can’t guarantee. Entry to the palace itself will be paid for separately at the booth by the entry. Pay once for entry all year round

  7. Hi
    What age group will my son be in? He is 11 now and is 12 in October.
    Great event in 2011 and we’re keen to return!!

  8. The age groups are determined by age on race day, so he will be under 12. Glad you enjoyed 2011 and look forward to seeing you back.

  9. hello,

    I have registered online but didnt pay, does this still mean I am registered or do i have to submit a new form again? and how do I pay, can i pay on the day or will the places be full up?


  10. Hi Alice, You can either re-register and pay at the same time, or I have to send you a paypal invoice for payment.

    We try to get advance entries to help with the administration and organisation. However on the day entries are possible (subject to availability) but at the cost of £20 per adult. As this included entry to the Blenheim Palace grounds which is currently £12.50 for an adult, this still represents good value.

    Best wishes

  11. Hi I’m running the race for a cause that is very close to my heart, I was just wondering what is the best way to collect sponsorship is it all done on the internet now? Thanks very much

  12. Hi, usually runners get sponsorship packs from the charity concerned, and often use just giving to help collect the money. Which charity do you want to support? Please tell us about it

  13. Hi, how can I contact you to confirm that I am registered for the 7k race? The other members of my group have received confirmation emails but I have not. My emails to you keep failing. Thanks

  14. Hi Amy
    I have checked the list and you are registered and paid for. Entry packs will be going out shortly. we look forward to seeing you on the 18th May.

  15. My 9 year old son wants to run the 7K race. Is there an age limit?

  16. Hi we don’t have an age limit, but he is young. We have had 9 yr olds complete the course before. Would you be accompanying him?

  17. Yes, I will run with him. He can beat me at a 5k and he is keen to try the 7k.

  18. Hi Sarah, sorry I did not attach my name to the comment above. I have registered us both but I only paid for myself because I saw a previous post stating that under 15s pay less. The form asked me to pay the full amount of 15 pounds for my 9 year old. How can I pay his entry fee, which I think should be 9 pounds? thanks, Cheryl

  19. Hi, our daughter will be one year old & we’d like to run as a family. We have a proper running buggy would we be able to enter/run the main race (7Km) or the wheelchair event (4 Mile)?

    If yes do we need to make any special arrangements with yourselves or just enter as normal?

    Thank you, Richard

  20. Yes you can run with a buggy, but in the 4 mile wheel event. This will start just after the main 7k run.

  21. Thank you Sarah

  22. Hi but if I want to run round with my kids (7 and 10) do I also register? I just tried and it only asked for 9 pounds. Thanks meg blacker ( mum of Sophie and Joseph – already registered)

  23. Hi, which race are you trying to register for? the 1 mile is for under 15s only.

  24. It says that a parent can run with young children. If I’ve registered the children is this all I have to do?

  25. Yes, we try not to have too many adults, but you are welcome to accompany them. You won’t get a number or a medal as a non competitor in the under 15 category!

  26. We’re coming to watch our daughter run, will we have to pay to enter the park?

  27. Hi, I am enterin the 7k and my grandson is entering the 1 mile. My husband will be accompanying him but not as a runner – is this ok or will he also have to pay an entry fee into the grounds?

  28. Spectators accompanying runners into the grounds have not had to pay extra in the past. I have no reason to expect that to change.

  29. Hi there, will it be possible to enter on the day for the 7k? Thanks

  30. Yes, but on the day registration is more expensive £20 for adults and £10 for children. Of course, entry includes entry to the Blenheim Palace park grounds too, so is still good value.

  31. Hi, is it still possible to pre-register for the event? I’m not sure if the number will arrive in time?

  32. Hi, yes you can pre-register now and collect your number from race HQ on the day. Online entry will close on 17th May. On the day entry is available but will cost more.

  33. Please can you advise me as I have entered but I have not received my race number yet. Thanks.

  34. Hi, I will need your name to check our database
    and can advise if it was posted – so you can have a new number. Or if you entered late your pack will be ready for you at the race HQ on the day.

  35. Thank you, its Kristy Smitten.

  36. What should I do if I lost my race pack?

  37. Hi, Shame about the fun run results. I could see how this happened as the officials made the error of standing at the finish line to record the number, to record numbers in races like this you have to stand at the end of the funnel and have a marshall as they cross the line keeping everyone in order. This way they are then at walking pace when you are recording the results.

  38. Hi, was there a photographer at the 7k race today? Will there be photos available somewhere on a website in due course? Thanks!

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  40. Hi, I have entered the 7k but unfortunately I’m not able to attend now. Am I able to get a refund or perhaps transfer my entry to someone else? If so how please?

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  42. Hi

    I have a question regarding the buggy race and the 1 mile junior race. I would like to run with my 1-year old son, but since he is not used to long races yet I was thinking that the 1-mile race would be more suitable for him.

    Would it be possible to run the 1-mile race with a buggy?

    Many thanks in advance,

  43. Hi,
    This question concerns the 2015 race. On the Blenheim palace events page, it
    says that the race costs £12 and £6 (for the 1 mile race). But on the booking page,
    it is (15+2) for the 7k run and (8+2) for the 1 mile run. which is the correct price?

    Also, I need to apply for a group, can I do a bulk payment, instead of having to
    enter my payment details multiple times.



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  45. Hi,

    I registered on 4th April and received a confirmation mail but have not received a race pack yet.

    Does this mean I just pick it up on the day and if so, what time does Race HQ open ?



  46. Hi, I entered on the 11th April, had the conformation email but not received my pack yet. Please advise. Thanks Oliver

  47. My daughter has not yet received her race pack. Should she have & what do I do if it doesn’t turn up?

  48. Hi Sarah,
    I have sent an e-mail to you. I’ve registered for the 7km run but have yet to receive the race pack in the post. Do you know if I can collect it on the day or can it be sent in the post this week ?

    Simon Rogers

  49. Hi – the website says the 1 mile race starts ‘just after’ the 7k race. I wanted to run the 7k race myself and then accompany my 2 young children with the 1 mile race. Am I right that this isnt therefore possible given the start times?

    Kind regards


  50. Hi,

    is there a bag-check at the event?


  51. Hi Sarah,

    I’m running the 7km and have not recieved a race pack yet in the post- i have had my confirmation email. Can you advise on what to do? If one doesn’t arive in time can i be allocated on on the day?

    Thank you.

  52. Can people still register?
    And can we pick up numbers on the day?

  53. Dear organisers,
    two weeks ago I registered for the Blenheim 7k. However, I still haven’t received the race number and the entry pack. Do you think it got lost somewhere on the way to me? Furthermore, my colleague who register at the same time with me has got an e-mail, asking her about the size of her T-shirt, however I haven’t received any such e-mail.
    Could you please help me solve these issues? Thank you very much.

  54. Entry packs all gone out, so you should have yours today. We haven’t sent any emails out about size of T shirt, so that must have come from another event

  55. Yes, you can still enter. Entries received from now on will need to collect numbers on the day

  56. You should have it today at the latest. If not we will re-allocate on the day

  57. Yes, the Nasio Trust will be organising the bag store for donations.

  58. What time do we need to arrive? Where do we park? How do we get in if we have only just entered and won’t have a pack? Which entrance to Blenheim do we use? Would it be worth posting some of these on the FAQ?

  59. Details are now on the FAQs section and in your registration pack. Please arrive for 10 am, there is parking at Blenheim Palace. If you have only just entered you will need to collect the number from the race HQ tent. I hope that answers your questions.

  60. I haven’t received my race pack yet for Sunday, what should I do about it?

  61. Hello,

    I haven’t received my race pack for Sunday. Could I please pick it up on the day?


  62. Dear Sarah,
    Am I now registered to do the race for Sunday the 17th May? I paid via paypal. I did not receive any pack and wonder why. Also is there parking on the day of the race? What time do I have to be there? I don’t know anything since I did not receive anything. Is it possible to email a pack?? Many thanks.

    I sent you a mail with my details to your email add as well.

  63. I now have my race pack! Please ignore the above query.

  64. Can you confirm if there is entry on the day ?

  65. Yes, there is limited entry on the day.

  66. Good news, see you tomorrow.

  67. Yes, there is limited entry on the day.

  68. Hi is it OK to register ‘On-Line’ this evening and pick up race pack tomorrow at the event


  69. Hi,

    When and where are the 2015 results going to be published?



  70. Please can you advise when you expect results to be posted?

  71. Hi, I’ve been advised that a link has been posted on the results page for preliminary 2015 results but I can’t see it. Can you?

  72. Hi, is the 7km course flat? Thanks 🙂

  73. Hi
    Where are the buggy results for the 2016 race

  74. Have you seen the results now? Hope you had a good day.

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